Last updated on August 12th 2016.


The following links shows the example project as it should be just before step 12. You can use this to check your progress or restart the tutorial at this very point.

After Step 12: Input File Generation

13. Synthetics

Now that everything has been set up, you have to actually perform the simulations. Please keep in mind that the adjoint forward simulations require a very large amount of disk space due to the need to store the forward wavefield. Even this very small toy example requires 10 GB per forward adjoint simulation. This easily increases 100 fold for real simulations.

Copy the generated input files and the model for Iteration 1 to your SES3D installation, adjust the ses3d_modules.f90 file (for ses3d_r07_b, adjust the ses3d_conf.h file found in SOURCE) and run the adjoint forward simulations for the two events. Please refer to the SES3D manual for additional details. The simulations should only take a couple of minutes each on a run-of-the-mill computer. No need to turn to an HPC for this tutorial.

Once the two simulations have run, copy the resulting synthetics to the SYNTHETICS/{{EVENT_NAME}}/ITERATION_{{ITERATION_NAME}} folder. Use the raw SES3D output files. These have been calculated in the possibly different simulation domain and not the physical domain. Never convert these to the physical domain; LASIF does it for you and doing it twice is wrong.

Now might be a good time to fire up the Web Interface if you did not already check if out. Its features boil down to being an interactive visualization platform of the current state of a LASIF project. You should be able to see the two events including different types of waveform data.

In case you use SES3D, LASIF ships with a simple helper script assisting in finding suitable SES3D settings: SES3D Setup Assistant.

13.1. Recap

Just a short recap, but at this point in the tutorial your folder structure should look similar to this:

├── DATA/
│   ├── GCMT_event_NORTHERN_ITALY_Mag_4.9_2000-8-21-17-14/
│   │   ├── preprocessed_hp_0.01000_lp_0.02500_npts_2000_dt_0.300000/
│   │   └── raw
│   └── GCMT_event_NORTHWESTERN_BALKAN_REGION_Mag_5.9_1980-5-18-20-2/
│       ├── preprocessed_hp_0.01000_lp_0.02500_npts_2000_dt_0.300000/
│       └── raw
│   ├── GCMT_event_NORTHERN_ITALY_Mag_4.9_2000-8-21-17-14.xml
│   └── GCMT_event_NORTHWESTERN_BALKAN_REGION_Mag_5.9_1980-5-18-20-2.xml
│   └── ITERATION_1.xml
│   ├── GCMT_event_NORTHERN_ITALY_Mag_4.9_2000-8-21-17-14/
│   │   └── ITERATION_1/
│   └── GCMT_event_NORTHWESTERN_BALKAN_REGION_Mag_5.9_1980-5-18-20-2/
│       └── ITERATION_1/