Functionality to deal with Iteration XML files.

copyright:Lion Krischer (, 2013
license:GNU General Public License, Version 3 (
lasif.iteration_xml.create_iteration_xml_string(iteration_name, solver_name, events, min_period, max_period, quiet=False)[source]

Creates a new iteration string.

Returns a string containing the XML representation.

  • iteration_name – The iteration name. Should start with a number.
  • solver_name – The name of the solver to be used for this iteration.
  • events – A dictionary. The key is the event name, and the value a list of station ids for this event.
  • min_period – The minimum period for the iteration.
  • max_period – The maximum period for the iteration.
  • quiet – Do not print anything if set to True.
class lasif.iteration_xml.Iteration(iteration_xml_filename, stf_fct)[source]

Small helper function retrieving the most important iteration parameters.


Returns the source time function for the given iteration.

Will return a dictionary with the following keys:
  • “delta”: The time increment of the data.
  • “data”: The actual source time function as an array.

Returns the processing tag for this iteration.


Serialized the Iteration structure once again.

Parameters:filename – The path that will be written to.